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Geography Lab Equipment

Geography Lab Equipment

The Geography Lab Equipment that we bring to you stands out of all others on grounds of performance, reliability, and pricing. We are counted amidst the well-known Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Suppliers of Geography Lab Equipment in Madhya Pradesh, India. Whether you place a small order or a bulk one, we will deliver the same on time.

More about Geography Lab Equipment : We are counted amongst the prominent Geography Instrument Suppliers offering a comprehensive range of products at attractive prices. We serve Geography Instruments made up of quality raw material due to which they have high strength and needs low maintenance. We provide quality Geographical Laboratory Instruments such as Universal Time Indicator, Geographical Hammer, Goniometer, Clinometers, etc. Our products offer a complete solution to meet all kinds of Instrumental need for various Geographical operations. Our Geographical Instruments give a precise measure of crystal angels, angular directions, location with time, and many more.


Geography Charts ( 3-Dimensional Maps , Raised Relief Maps ,Laminated charts) : Map of World, Regional Language Publications, Map of Continents, Map of Country, Map of India, Maps of Indian States, District Map of India, Desk Outline Maps, Tourist Maps and Globes.

History & General Charts :  Ancient World Civilizations, World History through Maps, Indian History, Struggle for Indian Freedom, Good habits charts , Our duties, Police & N.C.C. Charts, Civic Charts ,Diseases charts , First Aid Charts ,Language Charts.

Geography Models : Interior of Earth, Geographical Terms, River in Action (Water Cycle), Rocks & Volcanoes, Conventional Signs, Air and Water Pollution, the Volcanic System, Oxygen and Carbon Cycle in Nature, Model of Restless Earth, Formation of Rocks, Glacial Landscape, Origin of the Earth, Model Earth Quake, Folds & Faults, The Earth's Layer Model

Fiber Glass Relief Models : Rock Cycle Model (Size 60x45 Cms), Ocean Feature Model (Size 45x60 Cms), and Landform Model (Size 90x90 Cms) , Comparative Terrain Model (Size 45x60 Cms), Alpine Glacier Model (Size 45x60 Cms), The Earth Layer Model and many more too.

Geomorphology Models (Size 25x35cms)
Collecting River System, Transporting River System, Ice Sheet & Icebergs, Convergent Plate, Divergent Plate , Transform Plate, Structural Basin, Plateau, Fold Mountains, Normal Faults, Reverse Faults, Anticlines & Synclines , Ground Water, Archipelago, Ox Bow lake, Delta, Valley, Water fall, Gorge & Mountain, An Irrigation Dam, A Mountain Pass, Glaciers, Estuary, Gulf, Bay, Confluence, Undulating Slopes, Isthamus , Peninsula ,Island & Lagoon, Lake, Cape and many more too.

  • Globes – Imported & Indian – All Types and sizes.
  • Topographical sheets , Satellite Images & Outline Maps
  • GPS Systems – e TrexH, e Trex Vista HCx, GPS72H,MAP78S etc.
  • Telescopes & Binoculars – Terrestial & Astronomical
  • Geological Maps & Instruments – Brunton Compass, Geological Specimens [Rocks set (set of 30) ,Mineral set(Set of 20) ,Metallic Ores(set of 20 )] ,etc.
  • Surveying Instruments – Plane Table Set, Prismatic Compass, Dumpy Level , Theodolite , Abney Level, Nautical Sextant , Clinometer Compass, Levelling Staff ,Automatic Level etc.
  • Weather Instruments & Models –Anemometer, Barometer, Rain Gauge, Wind Wane etc.
  • Geographical Models & Apparatus - Student Planetarium, Phases of Moons, Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Apparatus of Day & Night, Sextant Model ,Theodolite Model, Seasons Apparatus, Weather Station ,Earth Layer Model , Solar System Model etc. and many more too.
  • Thermometer- Indian & Imported (Wet & Dry, Maximum& Minimum ,Wall etc. )
  • Military Science Equipments & Charts – Electronic Pedometer, Rotameter etc.
  • Audio Visual Aids – Over Head Projector, Automatic Slide Projector, Multimedia Projector , OHP Transparencies, Educational CD’s , Steel Map Display Rack, Map Storage Stand, Map Display Stand, Black Board Instrument Boxes, Drawing Boards, Tee Square etc . and many more too.